Saturday, February 25, 2012


The duffel bag is completed.  It's pretty awesome, if I say so myself.  And my husband thought it was awesome - and when was I making him one?

 I have it hanging here on my dining room chairs - wish the middle hanger could have been used - it sags a little in the middle when it's not supported.  You can maybe make out the handle at the top, the zipper - once again, the largest zipper I have ever worked with - but not bad to work with at all.

Here you can see the shape of the bag - it's a little shorter in the back.

You can't see it in these photos, but there is a row of the webbing on the bottom of the back, and about the middle of the curved bottom front.  That's just to give it additional support.

The fabric is a nylon canvas - waterproof - I tested it in the sink.  It really is.

This was a fun project and I'm glad my friends on twitter thought of me when it came up.

Happy Sewing!


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MegExpressions said...

Very impressive, looks like a sturdy bag. And great photos!