Thursday, February 16, 2012


My friend Jane posted a blog yesterday challenging everyone to share their hands.  I talk with Jane on Twitter, she has an etsy shop, and a facebook page that you can check out too.

Jane also created a facebook page just for this topic:  Hands Exposed!

So first of all, it's kind of hard to take a photo of both of your hands together without assistance.  Well, unless you have a tripod, timer on your camera (that you know how to use), or magic.  I have none of those.

I have small fat hands.  I can buy the smallest size gloves they make for women and the fingers are always twice as long as mine are. 

I'm a bit of a fanatic about my (fake) nails.  I've been having them done for so long I'm sure I must not have real nail left.  It's actually time to get them done again, so they are looking a little ratty.

I'm not sure what else Jane wants to know about our hands - but here they are!

Happy Sewing!


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Jane Skoch said...

OMG! You have beautiful hands! Thank you for sharing! Your nails must not get in the way of your lovely sewing!!! Now I'm really worried about sharing my hands....

Thanks, also, for sharing my post!