Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Item? Insulated Lunch Tote

So a billion years ago (maybe just a few years ago), I told my husband that I would make him a new lunch tote.  He had one that he used all the time - it was pretty large, but it finally wore out.  I reclaimed the strap from it and stuck it in a drawer.

Sunday I decided it was time to finally make this.  So I had him tell me the measurements that he wants this new tote to be, and took a look at how the one he's currently using is constructed.  It's a pretty small little tote.

The dimensions he gave me were 10" wide, 7" deep and 6.5" tall.  He wanted a pocket on the front for his napkins and utensils.

The fabric he chose was this black and gray houndstooth - very manly!

Along with the strap that I reclaimed from the old lunch tote, I put a webbing handle across the top.

The zipper around the top and for the pocket are the larger pull ones - easier to get it open.    

Here you can also see the webbing pocket on the front

Webbing strap across the top.
 Shoulder strap attached to the side.
I used fusible fleece (heavier weight) with the exterior fabric.  Then I used a layer of PUL (water proof) and a layer of Insul-Bright to help keep the items cool (he also uses a freezer pack), and finally, I lined it with rip-stop nylon,

I wanted to make sure the base was sturdy, so before I put the lining in, I spray glued a piece of foam to the bottom.

He carried it to work for the first time yesterday and had lots of interest from his coworkers.  So hopefully I get some orders for these.

I can adjust the size as needed and can use fabrics of your selection.

Happy Sewing!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Faux Roman Shade Valance

I've been working on window treatments for another of my neighbors (this makes the third one).  She has a three window bay and a large double window in the eat in portion of her kitchen.  She has white horizontal blinds but was looking for something else - she had some very small triangle valances hanging, but they were really too small for the windows.

So I took her one of my window books and left with her for a couple of weeks.  She decided that she wanted a relaxed roman shade look - but just the faux valance - not a full functional shade.  So we measured the windows (and remeasured) and I told her how much fabric she would need.

She found a Colonial Williamsburg inspired print in red to use - it's really a lovely fabric, I think,

We decided that the shades would be board mounted - meaning the treatment is attached to a board rather than using a rod of any sort.

So my first task was to get the boards - because I had to cut for the return (sides of the board) and I needed to make sure I had the right measurements.

Here is a list of the supplies:

Boards - I used 1x3 by the required length ( I bought 3 - 3 foot and 1 - 6 ft)
Saw - or get them cut to the correct size at the hardware store (I love to get the saw going!)
Lining Fabric
Matching Thread
Roman Shade Ring tape
Electric stapler

If I were making fully functional roman shades, I would use loose rings, but for a faux, I find the tape to be better.

One thing I don't like about making window treatments for other people is that I don't have a place to hang them to see how they will really look.  So I'm always worried until they are up at the customers house.

Here is a photo of the valance for the larger window - it has the gathering at the middle as well as the sides.  I think she's going to like them (and I hope her husband is able to put them up ok!)

On to the next project!

Happy Sewing,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How is it March already?

In case you can't tell from my blog, I didn't have much ambition early this year.  I had a real case of the winter blahs - especially from about mid-February on.

So, the last post I did was on my quilts that I got back from the long arm quilting.  What's happened since then?

Well, I did a show in late January - Art Studio Clearance Sale - at the Lausche Building at the Ohio Expo Center (State Fairgrounds) in Columbus.  I did manage to clearance some old inventory, so that was a good thing.

I did some quilt piecing.   After I got the quilts back from the long arm, I decided I should make another.

I found this set partly started in the closet - I'm pretty sure I made a purse from some of this and there were some leftover pieces.  This one is lap size - about 55" square or so.

I found a pattern in a magazine that I thought I would like, picked a fat quarter bundle from my stash, and made one.   This one is also lap size - about 60 x 62 or so.

I did like the pattern, so much that I made a second one.  This one is twin size - it's so bright and colorful!

I also made a new valance for a friend of mine - she was redoing her dining room, among other things.  She has a large double window.  She liked the style that she had, but just wanted a new fabric to go with her new paint colors.

 And I did a lot of cat snuggling it seemed.

So really, it seems that perhaps I didn't completely have the blahs, I just didn't write about it here!

I'm working on some new things this weekend, so hopefully I can get back to writing on a more regular basis.

Happy Sewing!