Monday, February 6, 2012

New Pattern Shop - Craftsy

I just found out about Craftsy this week - so I opened a shop for an additional place to sell my patterns.

Currently I just have the one pattern, but I am actively writing a second.

You can check out Craftsy, or like their facebook page.

If there is an item that I make that you would like to purchase the pattern for, let me know and I'll get started on it!

I'm also going to sell kits for my zipper wallet in my etsy shop, so look for that soon.  A kit will include the printed pattern, 2 zippers, swivel hook and fusible fleece.  Several zipper colors will be available.

Happy Sewing!


1 comment:

Susan Hemann said...

How exciting. I will be checking them out. I'll tweet out this blog post. Good luck.