Monday, May 31, 2010

Smartphone cases

It doesn't seem that long ago that phones weren't that smart. Now people seem disappointed if a new phone doesn't come with Internet, email and turn-by-turn directions.

According to Boy Genius Report, smartphones now account for 39 percent of U.S. marketshare. As that number grows each year, so do their physical size.

For a long time, my standard cell phone case (which measures 4.5" tall x 3" wide) fit most phones on the market, including the BlackBerry Curve (although snugly).

To adapt to changing times, I am now designing a larger cell phone case to accommodate the iPhone 3G and 3GS (4.5" x 2.4" x 0.48" inches), the Motorola Droid (4.55" x 2.35" x 0.55") and all BlackBerrys. My redesigned case measures 5.25" tall x 3.5" wide and may include additional features, such as a velcro flap, a pocket and/or a zipper.

No, there is not an app(lique) for that. But I take custom orders.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miniature aprons

My brother and his two daughters lived with me for several years. During that time, I made a number of outfits for my neices.

So, it makes sense that my neices are asking me to make clothes and accessories for their children.

Two of my latest creations are aprons for my four-year-old grandniece Hayley. Her mother says she loves to help out in the kitchen and pouts if she is unable to.

I have never tasted any of her creations, but I have seen her create a convincing birthday cake out of Play-Doh.

No matter what she whips up, this little sous-chef will be ready when the sauces and batter get flung.

(BTW: My husband thought he would be funny by Photoshopping Hayley's image. I'll be sure to take a real picture of her in one of her new aprons.)