Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Appeal of the custom order: Goldilocks

After reviewing items I have listed in my Etsy shop, a repeat customer contacted me about a custom order. At 4.75" W x 3.75" H, my customer thought my mini zippered wallet was too small.
At 5.5" W x 7.5" H, my rectangular mini pack purse with adjustable straps was too big.
So, I made her a wallet/purse that is just right.
The custom hybrid measures 4.25" W x 5.25" H and is constructed of an elegant, slate-blue silk fabric that the customer noticed on another item for sale.

Like my regular rectangular pack purse, my customer's custom purse has:

  • A zipper top

  • A second exterior zipper pocket on one side

  • 100% cotton fabric lining

  • A light-weight interfacing that gives it body without being stiff

  • Adjustable straps with swivel hooks on both ends

Monday, December 21, 2009

Glasses cases are being discontinued

I have decided to discontinue both sizes of
glasses cases and have lowered my prices on
these products by half. I have dozens of each size.

My larger size (3.5" W x 7" H; 8.9 cm W x 17.8 cm H) accommodates oversized glasses, which are starting to make a comeback (at least as sunglasses). The larger glasses case is now $5.50 (pictured).

My smaller size (2.5" W x 6.25" H; 6.3 cm W x 15.8 cm) are only $5.00.

I plan on creating a new glasses case in the near future.

Monday, December 14, 2009

ReUsable Baggies

Reusable baggies are the same concept as a disposable, much-less-fashionable clear baggie. Reusable baggies have a decorative fabric (100% cotton) on the exterior that help define the user's style or personality. Reusable baggies have a vinyl interior and can be turned inside out and cleaned with a damp cloth or the washing machine (but line dry). Reusable baggies come in various sizes to accommodate sandwiches, fruit, chips, and other snacks.