Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vacation - I'm back!

We just returned last night from a vacation in Key West.  This was my first actual vacation in Florida - I've been in Florida by merit of the fact that I've flown through and had overnight layovers (or more commonly called delays).

I'm not a real hot weather fan - I have fair skin and burn easily (can you say about 10 minutes without sunscreen and I look like a lobster?)  In my younger days I attempted to tan - the only way I'm ever going to get tan is if all my freckles connect into one.

But the hubby wanted to take a 'winter' vacation someplace warm, so that's how we ended up in Key West.  Of course, we all now know that the weather at home this week was pretty splendid (or at least we heard that). 

I'm not a huge fan of air travel - and so of course, our flight from Charlotte to Key West was delayed on the way there.  The official word is that the 'plane is broken'.  Um, ok, better get us one that isn't.  So that made our travel time from our arrival at the airport here to arrival in Key West about 12 hours.  UGH.

The highlight of our trip was our 'sunset cruise'.  Luckily, we had great weather that evening (it rained the next evening about sunset) and the 2-man crew was great, and it wasn't overly crowded - so it wasn't the party cruise - just a relaxed evening on the water.

Other things that we enjoyed was a day in the car driving up through the keys, stopping at the state parks, which are really nice, and the trolley ride was interesting.  The Hemingway house was good - although that was early in the trip, which made me miss my girls - Mimi and Layla - all the more.

But we are back home now, and soon enough I will be back to sewing - once I figure out what to work on!

Happy Sewing!


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Tam said...

Beautiful pic of the sunset. It looks relaxing. Sounds like a great trip.