Friday, September 21, 2012

New Purse

A few weeks ago, we were visiting the in-laws.  My mother-in-law and I went to a local quilt shop to check out what was new.  While there, I told her to pick out a fabric and I'd make her a new purse - the one she was using, which I made, was beginning to show some wear.

So she picked this great brown and green batik - I think it was actually a complementary fabric to another I'd had - at least it was the same colors.

She mostly liked the purse I'd made her before, but she wanted to add pockets to the side with some elastic at the top of them.

Here is a side view, I also added a strap with a swivel hook (which is hidden in the pocket) so she can attach her car keys.

 It has a set in zipper top, the straps are the length she requested, and inside is has a zipper pocket and a flap pocket, with a pen slot.
I like this fabric a lot.  I bought more than I needed for her purse, so you may see some other items show up in my etsy shop!

If you would like a custom purse, I'd be glad to work with you on the style, size and features.

Happy Sewing!


Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Pocket

Requests have been made, and yes, I've been listening!  I've been making these zip around kindle cases - great for travel because they have a firm foam layer to protect the e-reader. 

However, even though the intent of the outside pocket was to be able to store the charger, I didn't think about the size of that thing!  It has one of those super big plugs - and once the kindle is inside, then it's too tight of a fit to get the charger in the pocket.
But I like the zippered pocket.  So I've finally managed to add a gussetted pocket to the case in along with the zippered pocket.  As you can see from the photos (this is an in-process case, to test this theory out), the pocket is large enough for the charger, and I added a button flap for closure. 

So, I'm not sure if I should add the new pocket as a standard feature or continue to make some of the cases without it?

I guess I'll see how it goes!
Happy Sewing!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a Blast!

This weekend is the Country Living Fair here in Columbus, Ohio.  Even though I live close, I've never been to the show, because I normally have been at a show out of town.  I decided to take a break from that show this year, so here I was, able to go to the Fair!

And the best news - Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom was going to be there again this year so I was finally going to meet her in person! 

I've been talking to Jen on Twitter for a while now, you may recall I did a giveaway a while back of a set of box pouches made from herGirls World Vibe line.

I think I could have just spent the day talking with Jen - we also went together to the Modern June booth, talked with Kelly (I bought her book Sewing With Oilcloth which she signed for me!) and Trish from Two Peas in a Pod.  What fun to meet everyone in person.

Jen did a presentation in the afternoon - talking about some of the great projects she has in both Girls World and Happy Home.  While talking with her, we met some other great people from all over the country.

I finally managed to drag myself away from Jen and check out the rest of the show.  Although looking at the map today, I'm pretty sure I didn't see everything!

Good thing I bought the weekend pass - I think I've convinced my husband to go back with me Sunday for a few hours!

Today - I'm sewing!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Produce and more....

Today is completely not about sewing.  I took a drive to the farm of my friend Kathy's brother.  It's tomato time!  There's nothing like a fresh garden tomato, and if you cook a lot, like I do, there's nothing like canned tomatoes that started with those garden fresh tomatoes!

So, today was the day (not that it was in my plan for this weekend, since I have a show tomorrow).  I left home a little after 9 am, picked loads of tomatoes, and he loaded me up with green beans, muskmelon, bell and hungarian peppers, some garlic, and a jar of popcorn.

So my kitchen is going to be canning central on Sunday - I hope the tomatoes are mostly still good - some of them were pretty ripe!

Here's a photo of just one of his gardens (he has three), and he has chickens, goats and calves with pigs coming in the future.


Monday, September 3, 2012

"Double" Zipper Wallet

I had a request to make a "double" zipper wallet - you know - put two of them together and add a wrist strap.

Sounds easy?  Actually, after mulling it a couple of days (I didn't have time to try anything until today anyway), I think I came up with a pretty good sample.

First - do you love the zebra stripe?

So I took the finished measurement needed for half (4 tall x 5 wide) and doubled the height (so 8x5), and added my seam allowances.
I cut the front pocket top the same as I always do - 2 1/2 x width (so I cut 2 of them) and then the fun begins on figuring out how big the middle needed to be.  I ended up at 13" with a 1/4" seam to make it a loop, but once I got the zippers on it was just a little too big, so next would be 12 3/4" instead.  It always depends on how evenly and close I sew the zipper. 

On one side, I added the split ring loops at the top placement and so those are what I use to attach the wrist strap with the hook.

I think it needs something on the other side to keep it together - I'll work on that for the next one.

Is this something that you would use?  I kind of like it!

Happy Sewing!  Susan