Sunday, October 23, 2011

More "Special" Projects

Not that I really needed new valances in our bedroom, but hey, I got the fabric 50% off original price, then an additional 20% off that - so why not?

Not that I have fabric to make new valances and sheers for the dining room windows that I've had for something like 10 years (actually I think it's more like 6), and I still just have it - not completed valances and sheers.

But I do think they turned out pretty cute!

The color in the photo is a little off - the walls are a sage green.  The valance is purple flowers on a tannish background with green leaves.  It's an upholstery weight fabric, and I dug in my trim box and found a matchiing purple and tan cording.

Of course, now I need a new dust ruffle....

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Item - Zip Around Kindle Case

Month ago, I started making the zip around cases for iPods, cell phones, etc., and planned to make then for both Kindles and iPads.  It's a little difficult to make cases for these items when you don't actually own one.

I made the first prototype for the Kindle case and bummed a test from a friend who owns one.  While the Kindle fit, when it was zipped it was pretty tight.  So I needed to make it just a little larger.  Then I got busy and didn't get around to making another one.  And I didn't get around to making one for the iPad yet.

Recently, a great customer asked me to make one that would hold two kindles, along with the charger/cords.  So back to the drawing board I went.

I knew for there to be room for two Kindles, that I needed to add a little depth to the case, as well as expanding the size so the zipper would move more easily.

The first prototype was ok, just a few minor tweaks, and here it is completed:

The outside has a zippered pocket that will hold the charges and cords.  The case has a hipster style strap - adjustable and detachable.  The zipper goes around three sides of the case. The inside has two lightly padded insert slots - which will house the kindles. Along with the slots being padded, the outside has two layers of padding for protection.

Since this was a special request, I don't know if I will make any more with this particular configuration, but it was good to be able to get back to a project that I'd set aside.

Happy Sewing!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Costumes

When my two nieces were little girls, I made them Halloween costumes every year.  For some reason, I'm the one who still has most of them.  Now that their kids are getting to be the same ages, I need to give the customes to my nieces so their kids can play with them.

While I've been on this non-sewing for business kick, I made Snow White for one of the little girls.  As I got started on it, I bagan to wonder about my sanity - kind of like the year I made a fur rabbit, and sneezed for weeks.

I pushed through and now it's complete!  I think she will like it.

Now I just have to get it and all the other stuff packed up and shipped to them!

Until next time!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's Hear it for the boys....

With all this extra time, I've been making some dresses for my great nieces.  My youngest niece said that her little boy gets sad (he's two) when his sister gets something from me (like the apron I made for her) and there's nothing for him.  So she asked me to make him a hat.

But, you know me, I can't just make a hat.  I had a cute blue fish fabric that I bought last year when I bought fabric for dresses and aprons for the girls, along with a shirt pattern for boys.  So, why not?

Checking out the pattern, I saw that it had a traditional collar (cringe).  I can remember making things with collars in the past and always thought that was where you could just tell it was homemade, because they never seemed to turn out right.

The other thing was that, of course, it has buttons, which means that I had to make button holes.

Either my sewing skills have grown (well, I do sew a lot more than I used to) or I was just bad at it in the past, because I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Th other thing that was funny about making this outfit - the hat was from a girls 3-6 pattern, and the hat fits on my head pretty well.  So either I have a small head, or the kids have big heads!

Stay tuned, as I have more items to make for the kids.  Hopefully my nieces will take some pictures and send me with them wearing their new outfits!

Until next time.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Extra time - Say What?

I have one show left this year, and because I sewed up a storm this summer, I don't really need to make any inventory for it.  I'll probably have an open house again too, and I need to get that scheduled.

Since I have extra time - SAY WHAT?!? - I've been doing some sewing other than for my shows and etsy shop. 

I started with new dresses for my great-nieces.  I made them some the beginning of the summer, but I had one fabric left that I bought specifically to make - so I finally got it done!

I think it's an adorable pattern - it has a v-neck, zipper back, and that little ribbon at the bottom.

I made a white fleece shrug-like jacket also, so she can wear it all seasons.  Of course, she could also always put a long sleeve shirt under it.

The dress for the other great-niece is the same fabric, but a different pattern.  I still have to make her jacket.

This dress along with some birthday presents for her older brother will be heading out with the mail later this week.

For the other great niece, I'm now also making a Snow White costume for her for Halloween.  And her little brother doesn't like when I send her something and there's nothing in the box for him, so I'll be sure and take care of that.

If I'm lucky, my nieces will send me photos of the kids in their outfits!

Until next time!