Saturday, October 24, 2009


I looked back at what I've written about and I see a trend. Mostly I write about things that I have in process, and that I don't seem to get done!

My last entry was about cleaning and re-organizing my sewing room. I did it - sort of. I discovered that I just don't have enough room available to organize it. So I shifted some piles around and called it done. Of course, I've bought more fabric since then (as if I needed any more).

I have my crazy patchwork jacket - it's still hanging on the door of the sewing room - I have beads that I want to put on it - but handsewing anything is not really my favorite thing to do - so it's still hanging there.

I could go on..... Instead I'll write about something that I did complete - a new bag for my mom and a new wallet style!

My mom uses a walker, and so I've made her a couple of bags, but she deserves a new one once in a while - so I dug out this beautiful green fabric and made her a new one. I (imagine!) had forgotten about this fabric - I think the varying shades of green are lovely - and the hearts just make it extra special.

I used the twin needle to quilt it - I really love the effect! I think she will like it too.

So along with the purse, I decided to make her a new wallet - she doesn't have a lot of stuff to put into one - the one she has now is huge - so I decided to try a new style and see how it works.

It's full sized wallet (about 7" wide) and folds in half, with a velcro tab to keep it closed. On the outside, I put a zipper section and a pocket section behind. Inside I did another zipper and pocket section on the bottom, and on the top, I did a row of credit card/id holders (5 pockets) with a pocket behind.

I think I'm pleased with the style - but I should have cut it about 1" longer for folding - and my velcro attachment was a little low on the wallet for the length that I made the tab. I think this is a style that you will see in my etsy shop in the coming weeks.

Here are some pictures!

Outside - foldover tab with velcro closure

Other side of the outside - zippered section with pocket behind.

Inside pictures - completely open - bottom section has zipper and pocket behind - top section has five card slots (credit cards/id, etc) with a pocket behind it also.

I'd love to have feedback on this configuration - feel free to leave me comments!

Hopefully my next post will also be accomplishments also, and not just my procrastination!

Have a good one!