Monday, September 6, 2010

I say Tomatoes!

You probably think that sewing is all that I do, but you would be wrong!

This weekend I went to my friend Kathy's to get some tomatoes from the garden she and her brother have. Last year, I got enough tomatoes from them to can 39 pints.

Here is the box of tomatoes that I broght home before I did anything with them. I knew I had too many when Jamie winced to pick it up and carry it into the house!

Hours later, I got them all canned. Actually, I started on them Sunday afternoon, and finished the last canner after noon on Monday.
49 pints. So much for not needing to do as many as last year!
The good news is, that we will be able to have lots of pasta, chili, etc., this winter!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Fabric, Continued....

My last post was about the fabrics that my mother-in-law picked out for a new purse and accessories for her.

I did a little shopping of my own that day.

I usually buy quite an assortment of fabrics when I shop, and this trip was no exception.

Sometimes I have specific themes or colors that I look for, and other times it's just what catches my eye.

This time I was looking for some masculine fabrics, which I found a couple, and I also look for new cat fabrics (because I don't have enough). I also found the companion fabrics to one I'd bought a while back, so now I have matching fabric for lining/straps when I make the totes from the fabric.

I also try to keep my eye out for dog fabrics, because I always have someone accuse me of being prejudice against dogs. It's not that (well, maybe a little), it's that the dog fabrics just aren't as cute or easy to use as the cat fabrics. I did find this dog themed fabric, so hopefully it will satisfy a few dog lovers!

You should see some items from this fabric in my etsy shop this week, as I already have some items made from it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Fabric, New Projects

Jamie and I were visiting his parents for a few days and while he and his dad were fishing, his mom and I did some shopping - which of course, involves fabric shopping for me! One of the local shops close to where they live is Renee's House of Quilting and my stop there was a bit lethal.

A couple of years ago, I had my mother-in-law pick out fabric for a purse for herself, and she decided while we were there that it was time for a new one - this one more fall/winter in colors.
Here are the fabrics she selected for the outside (the circles) and lining (gold/tan print). I'm also trying out a new product, but I'll leave that for once I have it made and have pictures of how it all turns out!

She also decided that she wanted a new wallet and this brown is what she selected for that.

I think she picked out great fabrics, and can't wait to get started on these!