Sunday, October 2, 2011

Extra time - Say What?

I have one show left this year, and because I sewed up a storm this summer, I don't really need to make any inventory for it.  I'll probably have an open house again too, and I need to get that scheduled.

Since I have extra time - SAY WHAT?!? - I've been doing some sewing other than for my shows and etsy shop. 

I started with new dresses for my great-nieces.  I made them some the beginning of the summer, but I had one fabric left that I bought specifically to make - so I finally got it done!

I think it's an adorable pattern - it has a v-neck, zipper back, and that little ribbon at the bottom.

I made a white fleece shrug-like jacket also, so she can wear it all seasons.  Of course, she could also always put a long sleeve shirt under it.

The dress for the other great-niece is the same fabric, but a different pattern.  I still have to make her jacket.

This dress along with some birthday presents for her older brother will be heading out with the mail later this week.

For the other great niece, I'm now also making a Snow White costume for her for Halloween.  And her little brother doesn't like when I send her something and there's nothing in the box for him, so I'll be sure and take care of that.

If I'm lucky, my nieces will send me photos of the kids in their outfits!

Until next time!


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