Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Etsy Team Craft Night

A local etsy team that I belong to (Owl & Elephant) had a team crafting night at Igloo Letterpress in Worthington last night.  We are a very casual team - we connect mostly using a google group and once in a while we see each other out and about town! 

One of our members Grace Hester (GraceHesterDesigns and GraceHesterPapers) set up this great craft night for us.

We started out our evening with everyone introducing themselves, talking about their etsy shop or craft, and what their alter-ego day job was!

Allison then talked about her business, explaining the presses, and process to us.  Each person then got to select something and print it.

I thought the spider was a little creepy, but how great it this for Halloween?

Other team members and their shops who were at the event:

ArtsiBitsi (home of the
Tsurubride (currently on sabbatical)

I know I missed a couple, at my age, I'm lucky to remember anything!


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