Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Costumes

When my two nieces were little girls, I made them Halloween costumes every year.  For some reason, I'm the one who still has most of them.  Now that their kids are getting to be the same ages, I need to give the customes to my nieces so their kids can play with them.

While I've been on this non-sewing for business kick, I made Snow White for one of the little girls.  As I got started on it, I bagan to wonder about my sanity - kind of like the year I made a fur rabbit, and sneezed for weeks.

I pushed through and now it's complete!  I think she will like it.

Now I just have to get it and all the other stuff packed up and shipped to them!

Until next time!


1 comment:

kay87 said...

Your nieces sound very lucky to have you! This is the cutest Snow White dress I have ever seen and I am sure every little girl would love to have it.
I have to say I did not know that fur rabbit you made for my sister made you sneeze that much.
I know one thing is for sure, you are a great sewer but an even better aunt!