Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's Hear it for the boys....

With all this extra time, I've been making some dresses for my great nieces.  My youngest niece said that her little boy gets sad (he's two) when his sister gets something from me (like the apron I made for her) and there's nothing for him.  So she asked me to make him a hat.

But, you know me, I can't just make a hat.  I had a cute blue fish fabric that I bought last year when I bought fabric for dresses and aprons for the girls, along with a shirt pattern for boys.  So, why not?

Checking out the pattern, I saw that it had a traditional collar (cringe).  I can remember making things with collars in the past and always thought that was where you could just tell it was homemade, because they never seemed to turn out right.

The other thing was that, of course, it has buttons, which means that I had to make button holes.

Either my sewing skills have grown (well, I do sew a lot more than I used to) or I was just bad at it in the past, because I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Th other thing that was funny about making this outfit - the hat was from a girls 3-6 pattern, and the hat fits on my head pretty well.  So either I have a small head, or the kids have big heads!

Stay tuned, as I have more items to make for the kids.  Hopefully my nieces will take some pictures and send me with them wearing their new outfits!

Until next time.


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