Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of Vacation

The last segment of our vacation, before the drive home (I won't even go there!) was to finally visit the area where my husband went to camp growing up - the actual purpose of the trip!

We left the Portland area, and I decided it was at last time to visit a quilt shop! So looking at the route we were headed, we ended up going to the Calico Basket Quilt Shop in Windham. I found a few fabrics to purchase!

We traveled on to Weld, where we were staying at the Kawanhee Inn. We were a little early for checkin, so we drove around the area a little - Jamie trying to remember where things were. We found a little bakery to get a sandwich and pastry and headed to a picnic area and had a lovely view of Center Hill. I sat and relaxed after our lunch, while Jamie took the hike up the hill.

Below are some pictures from the inn.

We checked in, relaxed with our books down by the lake, then took a canoe trip down to the end of the lake in hopes of catching a moose - no such luck!

We had a drink on the porch watching the sunset, headed in for our dinner time, and ran into some folks that Jamie knew from his days at camp.

The next day, we headed over to the camp - they had made several changes since Jamie was there (ok, he admits it was too long). One of the items he found was this plaque with the names of all the campers who had passed the Junior Maine Guide program. Yes, his name is on there!

Our second night there, we had the 'New England Boiled Dinner' - lovingly called corned beef by the rest of us, and spent a great evening with Jamie's old friends that were also there.

The next day we started our trek home - just in time to avoid Hurricane Irene, which was headed in that direction.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip - now it will be back to business!


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