Thursday, September 1, 2011

Continuing the Vacation

On the next part of our trip we headed back down Maine to Portland. Since this was our 'anniversary' trip, we splurged and stayed at the Black Point Inn in Scarborough for just one night.

Our arrival there started with some drama. We checked in, got our keys and the porter was taking our bags when they stopped us and said they'd put us in the wrong room - and updated everything and gave us new keys. So we get up to the room, open the door and start to get stuff set up, when we realize there was already someone in this room! Glad they weren't in the room at the time - it could have been very embarrassing all the way around! So the original room was the right one.

We got there just in time for cocktails by the pool - free wine (well, maybe not free exactly!) and cheese and crackers. A quick stroll down to the water, then some relaxation in the Adirondack chairs until people with wound up kids joined us.

We dressed up a little for dinner (it was included in our package also) - since we were celebrating early! Breakfast the next morning was included too, and then we headed off to check out some of Portland.

We headed to Old Port, checked out some of the shops, which were many and varied - some of your typical tourist type of shops, and then some really nice art shops.

We headed out to the Portland Head Light,then headed back to Scarborough to check in at the Higgins Beach Inn for our last night on the coast.

We headed to the beach, it was late enough in the afternoon that I wasn't too concerned about getting a sunburn, and spent a little time there relaxing, reading our books, and watching the waves.

Dinner and breakfast there are the inn were both great, too!

Stayed tuned for part 4 - this will be the best part!


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