Tuesday, September 13, 2011


For anyone who does art / craft shows, you know that all kinds of things can effect how well you do - meaning how much you sell. Weather, economic situation, type of show, etc., all impact the bottom line.

But have you ever thought about change? I mean money change.

I always try to make sure that I have enough change when I go to a show.  At my show in July, however, it was a big bill day for some reason.  I was close to running out of $1 bills a couple of times, and sent Jamie out to get some - luckily there was a water vendor who seemed to be collecting more than I was handing out!  I think I came home with six $1 bills.

So, heading to my show last weekend, I made sure I had lots of $1 in case it turned into the same kind of day.  Strangely enough, most people had change, so I came home with more $1 than I'd taken. 

Just saves me from getting more change for my next show.


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