Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Backpack

As you may be aware, I took my sewing machine into the shop for annual service, so I was without it for a couple of weeks.  The timing was good, because I had a week where I seemed to have something every afternoon or evening, and then I had some family company for a few days (ok, a week).

The great nieces and nephews are always getting some of my items - usually the samples that I make when testing a new item, but something something they have asked for.

Several years ago I made one of my nieces a backpack, and they were using it when they came here.  It was a little worse for wear. So her daughter told me 'I need a new one'!

I had her pick fabric - she picked a pink paisley on pink and a purple floral on purple.  Hmmmm,

How am I going to make those work together?

On my shopping trip last weekend, I found this really adorable pony print.  Pink and purple.

Can't wait to get started on it this weekend!

Happy Sewing!

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