Friday, September 7, 2012

Produce and more....

Today is completely not about sewing.  I took a drive to the farm of my friend Kathy's brother.  It's tomato time!  There's nothing like a fresh garden tomato, and if you cook a lot, like I do, there's nothing like canned tomatoes that started with those garden fresh tomatoes!

So, today was the day (not that it was in my plan for this weekend, since I have a show tomorrow).  I left home a little after 9 am, picked loads of tomatoes, and he loaded me up with green beans, muskmelon, bell and hungarian peppers, some garlic, and a jar of popcorn.

So my kitchen is going to be canning central on Sunday - I hope the tomatoes are mostly still good - some of them were pretty ripe!

Here's a photo of just one of his gardens (he has three), and he has chickens, goats and calves with pigs coming in the future.


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