Monday, September 3, 2012

"Double" Zipper Wallet

I had a request to make a "double" zipper wallet - you know - put two of them together and add a wrist strap.

Sounds easy?  Actually, after mulling it a couple of days (I didn't have time to try anything until today anyway), I think I came up with a pretty good sample.

First - do you love the zebra stripe?

So I took the finished measurement needed for half (4 tall x 5 wide) and doubled the height (so 8x5), and added my seam allowances.
I cut the front pocket top the same as I always do - 2 1/2 x width (so I cut 2 of them) and then the fun begins on figuring out how big the middle needed to be.  I ended up at 13" with a 1/4" seam to make it a loop, but once I got the zippers on it was just a little too big, so next would be 12 3/4" instead.  It always depends on how evenly and close I sew the zipper. 

On one side, I added the split ring loops at the top placement and so those are what I use to attach the wrist strap with the hook.

I think it needs something on the other side to keep it together - I'll work on that for the next one.

Is this something that you would use?  I kind of like it!

Happy Sewing!  Susan

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