Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Pocket

Requests have been made, and yes, I've been listening!  I've been making these zip around kindle cases - great for travel because they have a firm foam layer to protect the e-reader. 

However, even though the intent of the outside pocket was to be able to store the charger, I didn't think about the size of that thing!  It has one of those super big plugs - and once the kindle is inside, then it's too tight of a fit to get the charger in the pocket.
But I like the zippered pocket.  So I've finally managed to add a gussetted pocket to the case in along with the zippered pocket.  As you can see from the photos (this is an in-process case, to test this theory out), the pocket is large enough for the charger, and I added a button flap for closure. 

So, I'm not sure if I should add the new pocket as a standard feature or continue to make some of the cases without it?

I guess I'll see how it goes!
Happy Sewing!

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