Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Complete!

Yep, after about 8 years of prcrastination, I've completed the new valance and sheers for my dining room windows. 

The color in the photo isn't very good - how do you take pictures of a window with light coming in at you?  Maybe I'll try again once it's dark to see if that's any better.

The valance is three pieces - the pattern calls it 'scalloped swag with jabots'.  There is beading along the bottom of the center piece and inside and bottoms of the jabot pieces. 

The pieces are mounted on a board and the husband was nice enough to hang them up for me (I hate getting on a ladder or step-stool eve - two steps is my max).

The sheer I just slightly gathered widthwise, and then I folded the bottom up on either side to  make it as if it were a partially pulled up roman shade.

I think the procrastination was because of the sheer - horrible fabric to work with in my opinion.  The valance pieces were very easy to do.

Now I can feel ok about making new curtains and pillows for my great room to go with the new couch.

Happy Sewing!


1 comment:

Susan Hemann said...

they are lovely. Take a picture when it's dark outside, then the color will show up better. I would not want to tackle sheers!! I would make the curtains and buy the sheers. lol
Well done, wish I could see the beading!