Friday, January 27, 2012

A Little Bit Selfish

So I'm a little bit selfish.  I did it. 

I made a purse for myself using the great fabrics that Jen from Sis Boom sent me (check my two previous blog posts for the info and to enter the contest).

 I did patchwork with all the fabrics and then trimmed the sides with the two different 'Paula' fabrics.  The handles are made of both of the 'Paula' fabrics as well.

I like a zippered pocket inside.  I just used a plain brown fabric. 

The measurements are about 10" wide, 10.5" tall and 3" deep.  I like a long strap (even though I'm short).

And because I have all that little stuff that I carry in my purse - chapstick, mirror, etc., I made a zipper pouch to go along with it.

I might still get ambitious and make a cell phone case too.  And maybe a card case for my business cards.

We'll see.

If you want one like it, let me know, I'd consider making more until the fabric runs out.

Happy Sewing!


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