Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Item? Insulated Lunch Tote

So a billion years ago (maybe just a few years ago), I told my husband that I would make him a new lunch tote.  He had one that he used all the time - it was pretty large, but it finally wore out.  I reclaimed the strap from it and stuck it in a drawer.

Sunday I decided it was time to finally make this.  So I had him tell me the measurements that he wants this new tote to be, and took a look at how the one he's currently using is constructed.  It's a pretty small little tote.

The dimensions he gave me were 10" wide, 7" deep and 6.5" tall.  He wanted a pocket on the front for his napkins and utensils.

The fabric he chose was this black and gray houndstooth - very manly!

Along with the strap that I reclaimed from the old lunch tote, I put a webbing handle across the top.

The zipper around the top and for the pocket are the larger pull ones - easier to get it open.    

Here you can also see the webbing pocket on the front

Webbing strap across the top.
 Shoulder strap attached to the side.
I used fusible fleece (heavier weight) with the exterior fabric.  Then I used a layer of PUL (water proof) and a layer of Insul-Bright to help keep the items cool (he also uses a freezer pack), and finally, I lined it with rip-stop nylon,

I wanted to make sure the base was sturdy, so before I put the lining in, I spray glued a piece of foam to the bottom.

He carried it to work for the first time yesterday and had lots of interest from his coworkers.  So hopefully I get some orders for these.

I can adjust the size as needed and can use fabrics of your selection.

Happy Sewing!


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