Monday, June 11, 2012

New Chair

I may have told that several months back, my dear husband committed me to making several (10) sets of bags for the cornhole game for a friend of his.  In payment for making the bags, the friend made my husband a set of boards and we kept one set of bags.  You see how I didn't actually get anything in this deal?

We've played the game a couple of times - and the last time, I apparently got a little too enthusiastic and pulled a muscle (or two) in my back.  After a few days of whining around, I scheduled a massage to work the rest of the stiffness out, and decided that maybe I needed a new chair for sewing.

I've been using an old straightback kitchen chair for years, and with this 'injury' I decided it was maybe a little to harsh for as much sewing as I do.

So a trip to the office store and I came home with an economical chair, cushioned seat, and somewhat more supportive back.  The only drawback is that, of course, the wheels don't work very well on the carpet, so switching between the sewing machine and serger, isn't much different than before.

So my next inventment will either be a floor mat, or replace the carpet - which do you think will happen?

Happy Sewing!


PS - Mimi had to check the chair out also.  She didn't stay too long, so I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

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