Friday, January 21, 2011

Supplies - Organized!

Most of my 'supply' items have now been organized. By supplies, I mean metal and plastic rings, slides, hooks, snaps, clips and buttons, to name a few. It also includes thread, trim, and beads.

The top half of the middle section is where I have these items organized. I purchased some inexpensive plastic stacking baskets from Big Lots and separated each item or category of items into these, along with some regular lidded plastic containers.

The bottom of this section will eventually have two drawers (the drawer fronts were out of stock when I bought the shelving) and hopefully there will be enough room in those drawers for the zippers and ribbon. Above the drawers and below the supplies, I've moved some of my pattern and other reference books.

I still have one section of shelving left to get organized, then it's on to the other side of the room and, most importantly, under the cutting table!

Stay tuned!


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