Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My friend and former coworker found some material that she asked me to make a purse from - it was three coordinating fabrics from the 'Man's Best Friend' line from Leanne Anderson and Henry Glass. The blue has all sorts of cute dogs, bowls, bones, etc. The brown has coordinating pawprints, and the cream has bones and dog 'talk'.

She didn't have a specific style in mind, so after harrassing for some measurements to start from, the purse below is what came out. I really love the style, and think I can adapt the pattern to a couple of sizes.

I passed the purse off via some mutual friends, so didn't get to see her reaction, but this is what she had to say:

" The purse was fantastic! My friend loved it! Everyone I showed it to loved it also. I think her (my friend's) comment was "oh, I wanted a Susan purse and this is so cute!!", so count yourself among the Vera Bradleys, Kate Spades, and Stella McCartneys of the world. You are now a product line name! :) "

Wow - talk about making me feel good.

I think I will call it the 'Holly' purse after my friend who let me be creative in making it!

Look for this style in at least two sizes after the first of the year!


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