Monday, July 12, 2010

Craft Show Preparation

I've been doing craft shows for a few years now and I think I finally have a routine down for the week before a show.

After each show, I evaluate what I sold so I know what to make between shows, and I try to work on those items on a daily basis. A couple of my big sellers are the zipper wallets (now in two sizes), what I call the 'mini pack purse' which is a small hipster style purse.

We pack up the car the night before the show with the following:

1. tent and weights when it's an outdoor show
2. grid wall, hardware and shelves
3. chairs
4. bags
5. inventory

The morning of the show, we load the cooler with the needed refreshments to keep us through the day, and of course, the cash box for change.

Now - what did I forget?

1 comment:

Arvi said...

You might not want to forget coffee ;) . Good Luck on your show, hope it is a great success!