Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fourth time is a charm

Many great painters have painted over a canvas several times before creating a masterpiece. I am finding that sewing isn't much different.

As I often do, I based a new wallet design on two modified patterns. But, it took me four tries to create a saleable wallet.

On my first attempt, the zipper (for coins) was in an odd place, just below the flap. Also, I later discovered that most of the credit card slots were too narrow.

For my second attempt, I moved the zipper to the middle of the wallet, but I still did not like it being on the outside. And, I did not like the Velcro flap.

My third attempt was pretty good. I substituted the Velcro flap for one with a magnetic snap, but I forgot to put fabric behind my zipper to make a pouch. I corrected that problem, but the design was still missing something.

For my fourth and final design (paw-print fabric), I added a see-through vinyl pocket to accommodate an ID. The wallet also has an opening that runs lengthwise to accommodate paper currency, a zippered pouch for metal currency, three distinct slots for credit cards, and a pocket under the credit cards for more cards, such as business cards.

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