Friday, January 15, 2010

Making a flat handle for a purse

In a previous post, we discussed how to make a fabric strap for small purses and wristlets. This week, we are looking at how to construct a flat-handled strap that is reinforced with polypropylene webbing.
  1. Cut your fabric 3" wide, at your desired purse-strap length. Be sure to leave room for stitching the strap into the seam.

  2. Fold the fabric in half, inside out.

  3. Stitch a 3/8" seam along the open side. (Note: a 1/2" won't give you much wiggle room.)

  4. Use a turning tool (pictured) to turn the fabric outside in.

  5. Press the fabric so the seam is on one side.

  6. Put a safety pin through your length of polyproplene (so you can pull it through the fabric).

  7. Feed the polyproplene through the fabric.

  8. Stitch a 1/4" seam along both sides of the fabric.

  9. Attach the strap to the purse body. (Hint: it is easier if you attach the straps into seams, otherwise you have to finish the ends.)

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