Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perhaps - Not So Basic Black!

Yesterday I blogged about the basic black purse I made for my friend.

She has bought several of my purses in the past, and while she sews, she doesn't like to make bags, although she has done a couple.

She found a pattern and brought it to me, and then did some shopping in my 'fabric closet'. 

The purse is just basic black twill - the pattern had a flap with velcro/magnetic snap closure, but I put a zipper in the top instead.

The straps were kind of short - I know my friend like a longer strap for her shoulder, and to dress it up, I added the rectangular metal rings.

So, then the fun starts!  This isn't such a basic bag after all - those buttons are there for a reason!  The bag gets a cover that can be changed - and in this case is reversible! 

So on one side we have the bright colorful flowers and on the other side a basic black and white.

Now, think of the possibilities!

Happy Sewing!


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