Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Custom Order - Monogram Applique

I've been making the box pouch for a while.  It's a shaped pouch - much like a dopp kit - zipper across the top and down the two ends just a bit.

I added some 'manly' fabrics a while back - one of which ended up in an 'Etsy Finds' email and another on the Etsy front page not too long ago.

I'm currently working on an order for six - I'm assuming they are for a wedding - there was a request to monogram them.  I don't have an embroidery machine - and have no plans to get one - so I found a decent block letter set and tested out an applique monogram.  Not too hard.

Here's what the first one looks like.
I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out - although I'm sure I would not want to have to make a living on applique.

Happy Sewing!


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