Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Zip Around Success

I made the first prototype of the zip around case back at the end of December. I've been using it for my iTouch and love it. I keep the earbuds in one side and the ipod in the other side. If I plan to go anywhere and need to include the USB, I can include that in the outside pocket.
I made a few more (three to be exact) until I felt like I had a good solid process, and I did list the three prototypes in my etsy shop at a reduced price ($15). The regular price on this size will be $22. Before I could get the first one listed at regular price, I sold two!
My next plan is to make this in a larger size for ereaders and perhaps iPads. I also plan to make them more in a regular wallet style - large enough for unfolded paper bills, a couple of credit card slots, etc.
Let me know if there are options that you would like to see, and specific fabrics also!

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LostRiverRags said...

I love them!!! Great fabrics too!