Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Fabric, Continued....

My last post was about the fabrics that my mother-in-law picked out for a new purse and accessories for her.

I did a little shopping of my own that day.

I usually buy quite an assortment of fabrics when I shop, and this trip was no exception.

Sometimes I have specific themes or colors that I look for, and other times it's just what catches my eye.

This time I was looking for some masculine fabrics, which I found a couple, and I also look for new cat fabrics (because I don't have enough). I also found the companion fabrics to one I'd bought a while back, so now I have matching fabric for lining/straps when I make the totes from the fabric.

I also try to keep my eye out for dog fabrics, because I always have someone accuse me of being prejudice against dogs. It's not that (well, maybe a little), it's that the dog fabrics just aren't as cute or easy to use as the cat fabrics. I did find this dog themed fabric, so hopefully it will satisfy a few dog lovers!

You should see some items from this fabric in my etsy shop this week, as I already have some items made from it!

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