Monday, February 1, 2010

Art Studio Clearance Sale a Success

If success at a craft show can be a leading economic indicator, 2010 looks promising.
This past weekend at the annual Ohio Designer Art Studio Clearance Sale on the Ohio State Fairgrounds (January 30 and 31), Sew Darn Simple had twice the number of total sales as 2009.

It seems that customers are opening their purses, but not to buy purses. Full-sized purses ($30-$65) and backpacks ($69) are my most expensive items, but I did not sell one full-size purse. Customers preferred the smaller pack purse ($24), as well as accessories such as cell-phone cases, glasses casses, mini zippered wallets, box zipper pouches, tissue covers, lanyards, and Easter baskets. And they practically went gaga over reusable baggies.

There are a lot of variables to consider when participating in a craft show, including advertising, weather, booth placement, presentation, and atmosphere. A client following isn't bad to have, either.

I did talk to a couple vendors who were not pleased with the results. But they both had higher-priced items that decidedly fall into the "want" category: paintings and jewelry.

People may not be opening purses for the big items, but at least they are opening their purses.

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Linda said...

Congrats. Your booth looks great.