Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trying to grow my business

Today I am working on updating my Etsy avatar and banner. I'm trying to start to grow the business. I'm just not sure exactly where to start! I also created the 'online' ad size graphic, so I will look for ways to use that.

I need to get some better photos - I guess I'll breakdown and get or make a lightbox, so that I can get some consistent look to my photos. I also am looking at updating my regular website to start to match it up to the 'look' I am going for.

I think since my name contains the word 'simple' that's how I'm going to keep it - simple. Lots of the ads are rally slick, but I want mine to be simple.

My Etsy sales so far this month (October) have been lackluster. I really haven't had time to promote on Etsy, or anywhere else for that matter. So, I'm not sure I'll end up with an increase in month-to-month from September, unless I really get with it the next two weeks.

I have four craft show / events left this year - I'm hopeful that I will do ok at them. And I'm already starting to evaluate what I want to do in 2009.

It must be time to write a real business plan.

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