Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last Day of the month

It's been a busy month I guess!

My etsy sales were up a little over last month (yes, today is still this month, so there's a chance for more sales!). I had one show which ended up not being so great - it was a 2 day show which I did excellent at last year, but it rained ALL DAY on Saturday, and when I went back to the room to check out Sunday's forcast, they were calling for the winds of Ike to hit. So I decided to forgo Sunday. And while it may have been ok in the morning, I'm pretty sure it was horrible in the afternoon - and the drive home would have been awful. So I'm glad that I didn't stay.

I'm finally going to finish my great-nephew's quilt that I started more than a year ago. I actually quilted it this weekend, so I just have to trim it down and bind it. That's easy! His fourth birthday is in October, and I'm only getting it done a year later than I said I would!

Today I made some small items and listed them on Etsy. The cell phone case and double zippered case that I'm adding here are a couple of those items.

I'm off to a conference on Sunday for four days, so I hope to get quite a bit done before I leave. Then the next weekend, I have another show on Sunday. I hope it is successful. One never knows!

Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

Talk to you again sometime (I'd say soon, but it would probably be a lie!)


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