Friday, May 25, 2012

Shows and Sales

I've had two shows this month and both made me feel good about my show season, as they were successes.  Here is a photo of my booth from the Delaware Arts Festival which was May 19-20 in the downtown streets of Delaware Ohio.  The weather was great and loads of people were out and about.

My biggest sellers were the zippered cell phone cases, regular sized zipper wallets and my hipster purses.   

I've done the Delaware show for several years and it's fun to go there and have repeat customers come in and show you what they are still using from previous years and buy new items.
You may have also seem me mention that I'm putting some of my items for consignmnet in a local shop.  The shop officially opened on May 15 and I've stopped by a couple of times to see how things are going.  A few of my items sold this week, so along with show inventory, I also need to get some new items made and added there.  Below is the ad that ran in the local paper for the shop!  It's pretty exciting!
I have one show in June (back to the North Market on June 3) and three in July, so I'll be busy the next few weeks getting inventory built up for this and my Etsy shop.

Happy Sewing!


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