Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pouch Pyramid

I've been making a couple of sizes of box pouches for a while now.  These are great cases for just about anything.  I put a d-ring on one end and just a fabric tab on the other, which makes it easier to zip them up! 

You can check out my current selection in my etsy shop.

Recently my husband said that he liked the pouches, but that I needed to make some even bigger ones, and I needed to make some in less feminine prints (what, guys don't want a case with flowers or cats?)!

So the stack here is the four sizes that I will now make for these,  The two larger sizes will feature an exterior pocket, a small strap on one end along with the tabs, and larger zippers, so the pulls are more accomodating for larger hands to use.

Look for the new sizes coming soon to my shop!

Happy Sewing!


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