Saturday, November 12, 2011

Decisions and Directions

I've been working on Sew Darn Simple for almost seven years.  Over that time I've tried many things.  I'm at that place again where I'm looking at what I'm making and trying to decide if I need to drop items or expand my inventory.

I love making the accessories - cell cases, cases and pouches of all shapes and sizes, zippers, fabric.

But I wonder do I have too many different items, or not enough?  And does it really matter?

Today's dilemma is wallets - I made some a couple of years ago, and then I've been sidetracked, so I only have a few left.  I find that I sell more of an item when I have more variety of fabrics available.  So do I keep wallets, and make more, or discount the ones I have and stop making them?

I have three styles:
1. Full size with slots for credit cards, id, bills, zippered change area, and checkbook holder.

2. Full size with slots for credit cards, id, bills and zippered change area

3. Billfold size with slots for credit cards, id, bills and zippered change area

Or should I make something brand new?

I'd love to hear what you think.


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firefly_stars said...

I like full size fold wallet #2 and billfold #3, but not #1. If you want to consolidate wallets, maybe just keep #2 because it's the best of both #1 & #3. The piping makes a more clean and put together design. Have you thought about contrast piping?

Another popular item - wristlets w/pocket for cell/smartphones, wallet on the inside (coins, cards, cash and id).
You make a gadget case, a smartphone wristlet looks like that but the phone is on a pocket on the outside and the wallet is inside the zipper part with an id pocket on outside as well.
I would get a wristlet that fit my smartphone over a wallet.