Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vacation Tales - Part 1

Hello Friends! The next few posts are going to be about the vacation we just took - not too much about sewing or crafting or my regular stuff.

This September is our 10th wedding anniversary. So we thought we should go somewhere special (not that it's not special, but we normally spend our vacation with my husband's parents at their place in Northern Michigan). We had originally talked about going to Hawaii since that's where we went for our honeymoon, but I've become somewhat averse to flying. That's entirely different story

My husband spent many years of his youth at a boys summer camp in Maine. I've heard endless stories about it, and met some of the friends that he made there, and we've talked many times about going to Maine, so we decided that's what we would do for our special year.

Our trip started out with an overnight stay at a friend's cabin (she calls it a camp) in the Adirondacks. It was about half way between home and our first Maine destination, and a really lovely place. Neither of us had been to the Adirondacks before, and we enjoyed seeing the area. The ducks came by in the morning to say hello, and we headed on our way to Maine.

I will say that not a lot changes between us when we drive - when I'm the navigator, and he's driving, he doesn't listen any better than when we are at home.

Stay tuned for where we went next!

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