Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zip Around Case for Kindle 3G

When I started making the zip around case for your ipod, iphone and other cell phones and electronic gadgets, I said I was also going to make them in larger sizes for your kindle and other e-readers, and also for ipads, etc.

This morning was the time of promise!

The exterior of the case has the vertical zippered section (unpadded) and the detachable wristlet strap and the zipper around three sides of the case.
The inside features several pocket sections - on the left side, there is a fabric pcoket and a netting pocket.
On the right there is a pocket for storing your kindle when not in use, and then each corner has tabs to hold the kindle in place when you want to use it.
The case is padded with a heavy weight fleece, and there is a waterproof barrier in between.
I don't personally own a kindle, so once I find someone willing to let me use theirs for a photo, I will get that picture and list this in my etsy shop.
Next on the agenda will be the case for the ipad, so stay tuned!

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Susan Hemann said...

Hello! Love the case! Perfect for a Kindle! Have a good day.