Monday, October 4, 2010

There's always something good....

This past weekend I tried out a new show (for me) in an area where I've not done a show before. It was a large show, lots of vendors, but ended up not being a good fit for the items I make. On top of everything else, the weather was unbelievably crappy. It went from being in the 80's last week to a high of about 52 on Saturday and rain to top that off. On Sunday, it was even colder, and, although it didn't rain on Sunday, the wind was about 30 mph, so it was CHILLY!

My wonderful husband kept me company this weekend (he loves to help!) and we discovered that our neighbors were the nicest couple ever. In their 70's - he did woodworking items - like pumpkins and Santa heads with lights, and a really cute Rudolph. She made snow people from fabric - all handmade, and just wonderful work.

They had this beautiful wooden cash register, and after commenting on it, discovered that he had an extra one that he had made for the next neighbor who coveted it. So on Sunday, I purchased one from him - just beautiful!

The cash drawer has coin and bill dividers, and the middle section will be great for my scissors and stapler and extra sales books, etc. The top also opens and will make a nice storage spot for something. Each side has a place for business cards, there are three places where pens will rest, and there is a spot for staging the payment.

So, although the show itself didn't end up being a profitable venture, the fun of being next to these lovely people and then great cash register made it worth it.


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