Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creating something new - the Custom Order

I have a new customer who likes a couple of my items but wants some modifications. I love custom orders. They let me get out of my box and do something different. They make me think about ways to do things and styles that I maybe normally wouldn't think of.

This request was for a purse and a wallet. I'm going to start today with the wallet because it's something that I had on my agenda for about three or four months and I just hadn't take time to play around with.

I currently make a full-size women's wallet, that is a tri-fold, with a velcro closure on the flap, and has places inside for bills, coins (zippered pocket), id pocket, flap with places for five credit cards and an additional pocket behind, and a checkbook and register area.

I personally haven't carried my checkbook anywhere is years. So I kept saying I was going to make one that eliminated the checkbook area, and added more places for credit cards - or other cards - you know we all have a collection of them.

And that's exactly what she was looking for. So I worked with my current design and adjusted it for the new one. Here's what it's going to look like!

There are just a couple of small modifications to the wallet, which I'm going to work on this evening, although I think this one is perfectly 'saleable' , and then I'll be ready when the fabric she selected arrives.

The purse request is a combination of styles, and I may get started on that this evening also. I'll make a demo of it (which I will probably get to keep and use myself) and then I will be ready to go with it.

Thanks to my customer for giving me the opportunity to try some new things!

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