Friday, August 1, 2008

My First Blog Post

So today is my very first blog post. I'll be really honest, I'm not too much into this kind of thing. But I've joined the Etsy community for selling my items (check out my etsy website at and blogging is one of the things that everyone recommends doing to increase sales.

So here I am, trying it out.

I've been working on cleaning and re-arranging my sewing room this week, so I've literally done no sewing since Monday, I think. The cleaning part was good. I quess I'll see how the re-arranging works out. I'm excited to try it out - there are probably a couple of changes that I'm not sure I will like - I think my ironing board is too far from my sewing machine now. Of course, maybe that means I'll get a little more exercise!

I hope you will look at my etsy site, and find something that you like!

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